2013-2014 - World Open Seminars

It is new project. Let's act together!

Weekly Evening Seminars (WES) for Research and Development (R&D) at MOLPIT are World Open Seminars a'la Web of Science (WoS) in action.
There is preliminary programm below.

Chairman of the seminar is Peter I Belobrov

I'm waiting for your suggestions, criticisms and questions by e-mail

The program (1st release)

11 Dec 2013 - Bio Metrology: Past, Present and Future

18 Dec 2013 - Cell-to-Cell Microfluidic Interaction Models

25 Dec 2013 - Physics of Biological Macromolecules from the Fundamental Biological Constants

1 Jan 2014 - Orthodox Xmas Holiday. The dreams "New Prospects for the New Year"

8 Jan 2014 - Orthodox Xmas Holiday. The dreams "Plastic & Cell Electronics, Microfluidics, Languages"

15 Jan 2014 - Biological Measures

22 Jan 2014 - Conrad Hal Waddington in Theoretical Biology

29 Jan 2014 - TBA

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