We studied "Unipolymer-M" & "Unipolymer-Bio" oil absorbents to understand the mechanisms of unique absorption value. Each gram of absorbent can hold up to 71 gram of oil.

Unipolymer in Cadiz, Spain

3rd Joint Seminar on Environment and Climate Change, 8th – 10th July 2013

Venue: Aula de Teledocencia, CASEM, Campus de Puerto Real, Universidad de Cádiz. Avda. Rep. Saharaui, 11510, Puerto Real, Cádiz

Organized by: CEIMAR, Siberian Federal University, University of Cádiz, Banco de Santander, ARCOPOL
Wednesday 10th July

11:40-12:00 Applied prospects of oil sorbents "Unipolymer-M" and "Unipolymer-Bio" in marine ecology.

Presentation: English PolymerCompositionSpain2013 (pdf, 1937КБ) K.A. Lukyanenko.

Spanish PolymerCompositionSpain (pdf, 1916КБ) Translated by A.E. Ragzin

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