Idea of CellBook Project

The “CellBook” project is a unique project aimed at solving the basic problem of biology that Nikolai Vladimirovich Timofeev-Resovsky precisely formulated: the problem of heredity.

The essence of our approach consists in the idea of ​​the chemical “CellBook”, the genealogy of which is recorded inside each cell on molecular and supramolecular carriers, forming in aggregate what is a living cell.

The results of reflections on the “CellBook” pedigree in the process of writing blogs for the last 5 years can be looked through here: CellBook Post Collection

Computing platform CellBook

Computing platform CellBook is our approach for the research and understanding of Cell Biology, Bio signaling, cell-to-cell communication, Physical Biology of the Cell etc.

CellBook is also the application with electronic educational and research models, with up-to date informational support and vocabulary.

Cell distribution in symbioses

The cell distribution by types and sizes in symbioses is main problem in modern biology from the quantitative point of view. Here symbiosis means all types of biological interactions.

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