We are conducting weekly seminar in Siberian Federal University.

The time for the seminar is 16.00 each Wednesday.

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Below you can find some log of seminars have been passed.
Since 2016 we are not publishing reports here.

5th February 2016

1. How our body control gut microbiota via fecal microRNA.
2. Possibility of making bacterial colonies in droplets of liquid medium in oil.
3. The master class for image processing by the BlackBox Component Builder.

25th December 2015

Microfluidic biological assays: results of the year.

18 December 2015

"Functional nanomaterials for environmental and biomedical applications" by Rajeev Ranjan.
Nanoparticle assisted luminescence enhancement (metal enhanced bioluminescence) for monitoring sensitive levels of heavy metals/pesticides. Moreover, detection of stress and cancer biomarkers (Heat Shock Proteins) via development of novel ATP bioluminescence based biosensing tool.

6th February 2015

"Physical Biology of the Cell (PBoC@MOLPIT)" PBoC2 by Peter I Belobrov

18th January 2014

"Electronic structure of nanodiamond: problems, methods and perspectives" by A.A. Zimin (in Russian) Download (pdf, 2924КБ)

"Optimization geometry of nanodiamond balls" by V.V. Savchenko (in Russian) Download (pdf, 207КБ)

11th January 2014

"Physical Biology of the Cell (PBoC@MOLPIT)" by Peter I Belobrov Download (pdf, 1598КБ) Each database requires you to exercise your own tasks associated with this database. So I finished my report at the seminar "Let's act together." See info page BioNumbers site: Download (pdf, 281КБ) to start your productive work.

1st lecture "The basis for microfluidic science" by Anton S Yakimov (in Russsian) Download (pdf, 1187КБ)

30th November 2013

"Planning of the experiment and the culture of the Nature protocol logging" by Kirill A Lukyanenko (in Russian) Download (pdf, 937КБ)

There is Nature Protocols Guide to authors at URL:

Rules for laboratory journal logging (in Russian) Download (pdf, 69КБ)

A bit of info about laboratory journal (in Russian) Download (docx, 13КБ)

23th November 2013

"The fundamental biological constants and biological measures" by Peter I Belobrov Download (pdf, 337КБ)
+ see the manuscript is accepted into Journal of Health and Life Sciences Download (pdf, 514КБ)

2nd November 2013

"Towards wad measure" by Peter I Belobrov Download (pdf, 1309КБ)

"Temperature effect on cambial cells of woody plants" by Daniil A Fedotov Download (pdf, 393КБ)

"The model of collective self-organisation in multi-level cell's systems" by Ivan A Denisov Download (pdf, 2485КБ)

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